Farming shellfish ánd restoring the ocean’s health, Bren Smith shows us how it’s done

Monday, May 15, 2017 12:41:00 PM Europe/Berlin


Spoiler alert: seaweed is the real hero of this story


At Testa we want to stop overfishing so our oceans can become healthy again. It is our mission to change the Omega-3 industry and replace all fish oil with algae oil. By thinking differently and using smart technology, we are able to offer people a better product ánd maintain fish stocks. How? By leaving fish alone!


Fortunately we are not the only ones who want to create change. We often run into inspiring people and initiatives who share our mission to restore the oceans by thinking differently. Today we want to share former fisherman Bren Smith’s story with you.


Bren has developed an extraordinary farming method called ‘3D Ocean Farming’. With this method Bren manages to put fresh oysters and clams on people’s plates, restore underwater ecosystems and offer kelp, a large brown seaweed, as a sustainable raw material for animal feed, cosmetics and fertilizer.


Want to know how he does it? Watch his awesome store here!




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Malvina Poelvoorde