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Better than Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar: these tricks will help you to get down a capsule with ease

Monday, 20 March 2017 11:01:45 Europe/Berlin

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“I can handle a small paracetamol but swallowing those larger capsules… It’s a struggle. I always fear it might get stuck in my throat .” - Emma (38) from Manchester


Sounds familiar? Research shows 1 in 3 adults have difficulties swallowing pills. For some people there is a specific physical explanation but more often it is our minds that create the aversion. It simply feels counter-intuitive to swallow without chewing first. And didn’t your mum always tell you ‘chew your food!’? In others word, it’s completely natural to feel a bit resistant. If you however want to take Omega-3 daily it can be quite a nuisance. These tricks will help you in getting that capsule down with ease!


Mix the content of the capsule with almond milk or a coconut drink

Use a sharp knife to pin a little hole in the tip of the capsule and pinch out the algae oil in a glass of almond milk or coconut drink (not coconut milk!). Why use almond milk or coconut drink? These are creamy drinks with which the algae oil blends well. This way you will not taste anything. Unlike when you mix it with water or milk. Don’t forget to rinse the knife and glass well after use.


Tilt your head forward (instead of backward!)

Place the pill on your tongue, take a small sip of water from a glass, and swallow as you tilt your head down toward your chest. This is more ideal for capsule-like pills. After swallowing the capsule, follow it up with a drink of water to help it get down.


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